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February 21, 2006

What should McDonalds do now?

So now at least 3 families are going after fast food giant McDonalds over its announcement last week that its french fries contain wheat and milk.

One suffers from celiac disease and is seeking unspecified damages for gastrointestinal symptoms. Another is a vegan and is suing claiming that she would not have eaten the fries had she known they contained milk. And another family has a wheat-intolerant young daughter, who got pretty sick after eating the fries.

All of this came about due to McDonalds updating the ingredients likst on its website. The changes on the web were made following the new law regarding labelling that came into effect in January thanks to the US Food and Drug Administration. The new law requires companies to label common food allergens in their products.

So, what should McDonalds do now? How does this affect a pretty good relationship between the fast food companies and food allergy sufferers? Does this resemble the spilled coffee incident? McDonalds is a pretty big target with deep pockets.

Posted by David at February 21, 2006 2:52 PM