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February 23, 2006

A Fantastic Kids' Book Find!

YEA!! There is a new food allergy book written for kids that is FANTASTIC!! It’s by far one of the best kids’ food allergy books that I’ve read (and I’ve read many over the last 8 years!) It’s called Peter Can’t Eat Peanuts by Nadine O’Reilly. She is a school psychologist and a mother of a peanut allergic child.

The book has cute pictures and fun, rhyming text. It covers the basics of having an anaphylactic food allergy at a level even young kids can understand. The book talks about having a reaction and going to the hospital, carrying an Epi-Pen, reading ingredients, talking with teachers, not sharing food at school and most importantly, learning to say “No, thank you.” Your kids will really identify with Peter. When learning about his allergy, he feels sad and asks “Did I do something bad?” The doctor answers, “Of course not” and explains how all bodies are different and this is just Peter’s thing.

The book is available at her website, access4allergickids.com. Also available at the same website are note cards that read: Thank you for accommodating our child’s food allergy…

I wish this book was written 8 years ago! It’s a great book for preschool and early elementary school teachers to read to the class. And it is a definite must-have in your food allergy library.

Posted by Ann Marie at February 23, 2006 1:41 PM