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October 27, 2011

Halloween and Food Allergies

Halloween is a scary time of year for parents of kids with food allergies. I remember my first couple of Halloweens after my daughter was diagnosed food allergies; I was a mess! It seemed easier just to leave the country than to subject my child to so much stuff that she couldn't have.

Here's a real life situation... a regular size milk chocolate bar that we buy for making s'mores (think summer camp outs) is fine, but the miniature versions you find during the holidays contain nuts.

It's not just that a big part of the Halloween celebration includes candy, it's that the candy given out at Halloween often times has different ingredients than what we buy throughout the rest of the year.

I used to assemble a bag filled with "safe" treats, fun stickers, books, crayons and other fun little things. As my daughter got a bit older, after she was done "goin' beggin," we simply swapped out the unsafe candy with the treats I bought. The other kids still enjoy this today because they get to trade in some of the less liked candy that we just don't buy during the rest of the year.

Now, when my children are tired of trick or treating and are satisfied with their trades, we put the remaining candy out to those kids still trick or treating (basically the teens running around the neighborhood). They hit the jackpot when they see a big bucket of treats like Snickers bars!

So, instead of smashing your pumpkins after everyone went in, the teens think you are the coolest house on the block!

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