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June 27, 2010

Summer's here!

Summer is finally here! A great time to relax…..no more homework, no more tests, no more packing lunches or thinking about class parties or where there might be food. For those of us with children who have food allergies, the end of the school year is a welcome break.

Remember though, while you’re relaxing at the pool or beach, you still need to be vigilant about your child’s food allergies. With summer comes the ice cream truck, summer camps, vacations, sleepovers and amusement parks; all of which include food in some form or another. It’s still a good idea to keep special allergy-free treats at home; so when the ice cream truck comes around or your neighbor brings out a freshly baked batch of cookies, you’re well prepared. It’s even fun to once in awhile be that neighbor who brings out a freshly baked batch of your child’s favorite treat! Your child will appreciate it more than you know.

In a way, having play dates with friends from your child’s class is easier because they’ve spent the school year learning about your child’s food allergies and how to help keep her safe. Your child’s friends and their parents may feel less intimidated by the food allergies and Epi-Pens because they’ve seen all year long how food allergies can safely fit into everyday life. It’s still a good idea to review your child’s allergies and what to do in case of an emergency with the adult in charge, even if they’ve heard it before.

And for more summer fun, you can help arrange non-food activities, like water balloon fights, lemonade stands, outings to parks and beaches and even a quiet afternoon watching a favorite movie. It’s a perfect time of year to celebrate your child’s success in safely managing his food allergies for another school year. Well done!!

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