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February 20, 2008

Bringing Food is a Good Idea

There is so much to remember when dealing with our child’s food allergies. I used to think that if I had the Epi-Pens, I’d be all set. With safety being my number one priority, this was true. But then I was burned a few times when we stayed someplace longer than we thought or there was food in an unexpected place. I’ve lived and learned and now I tend to pack safe snacks everywhere I go with my kids. So no matter where we’re off to, I throw food in a bag.

A couple of years ago we hit some rough weather while flying over the Midwest. We ended up circling over an airport for over 4 hours before we could land! Everyone was miserable, except my kids. I had packed enough food for an emergency meal, thankfully. Many parents were asking me how I thought to bring so much food. I was thinking, how could you not think of it? As food allergies become a way of life for us, some things become routine; and two of my most engrained routines are grabbing the Epi-Pens and packing at least one small, allergy-free snack before we go anywhere!

Below is the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis website's list of reminders.

"Cooking and Dining Dos and Don’ts
• Don’t forget that egg substitutes may contain egg whites; egg replacers do not.
• Do prepare the allergy-free dishes before preparing foods containing allergens, cover them, and keep them separate from the cooking area.
• Do bring a “safe” dish with you when visiting a friend or a relative; he or she will appreciate it, and you’ll rest easier, too.
• Do ask about ingredients and cooking methods used whether you are in a restaurant, friend’s home, or about to serve a dish someone brought to your home.
• Don’t eat “high risk” foods, including desserts, sauces, pastry-covered dishes, and fried foods, when eating away from home.
• Do stock up on key ingredients.
• Do use parchment paper as a liner for your countertops when mixing or blending foods that may cause a reaction. Throw the paper away when you are finished."

Posted by Ann Marie at February 20, 2008 1:39 PM


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