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February 7, 2008

Pencil grams for school Valentine's Day celebrations

As parents of children with food allergies, doesn't it feel like there is always a party or event at school that involves food? Valentine's Day is no different. At our elementary school, there have been a couple of fun ways to celebrate the day that seem manageable to those of us concerned with food allergies. Our school used to offer candy grams, where kids could pay 25 cents to send their friend a written note with a little piece of candy. I used to dread these, knowing full well that I had no control over what candy would be given to my child. With an increased awareness of food allergies, and health of children in general, our school now offers pencil grams. So the kids can still send their friends notes, but now, instead of a piece of candy, the note comes attached to a Valentine's Day pencil.

Here's how it works: the Student Council sets up tables during recess and lunch the week before Valentine's Day. They have small pieces of paper xeroxed with space for the child's name, teacher's name and a special message. Kids can purchase one pencil gram for 25 cents. They then write their friend a note in the space provided. The Student Council then organizes the pencil grams by class, attaches each note to a pencil and on Valentine's Day, distributes the pencil grams to the appropriate classes.

We also encourage parents to send their child a pencil gram so that all kids get to share in the fun of the event. Everyone has fun and there is no food involved!!!

Posted by Ann Marie at February 7, 2008 10:04 AM


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