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December 23, 2007

Making the Transition - Helping Others with Their Career Change

Hi All,

I need to apologize to our readers for checking out over the past several months. This past summer I made a career transition and it has taken all of my time and attention. ChildFoodAllergy.com was one of the things put on the back burner.

My new gig is running an online career site dedicated to helping people find private equity and venture capital jobs and hedge fund jobs. JobSearchDigest.com is a great, web-based career service that caters to professionals in niche industries.

The good news is that my lovely wife, Ann Marie, is going to take the lead on the food allergy blog. You can now look forward to more frequent, fun, emotional posts from a mom who has gone above and beyond in terms of caring for her children with food allergies. And, yes, I will still chime in here and there just to inject that father's point of view. ;-)



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