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May 31, 2007

New Theory as to Why Peanut Allergy Continues to Grow in USA

According to a recent article at Mlive.com, "researchers theorized that peanut allergies are more prevalent in the United States because dry-roasting, the high-temperature method used to process nuts here, including for peanut butter, makes the peanuts more allergenic than using them in other ways. According to the Jaffe Food Allergy Institute at Mount Sinai, though per capita consumption of peanuts in China is about the same as in the United States, there are virtually no peanut allergies."

The Jaffe Food Allergy Institute was established in 1997 and is directed by Hugh A. Sampson, M.D., well-known and respected allergist and food allergy researcher. You can learn more about the Jaffe Food Allergy Institute by visiting their website.

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