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April 12, 2007

Revolution Health Call with Food Allergy Bloggers

Yesterday I participated in a call with group of food allergy bloggers who interviewed a leading expert in the fields of allergies and asthma, Researcher and Clinician Clifford W. Bassett MD. Doctor Bassett serves as the Medical Director of Allergy and Asthma Care of New York, is an attending physician in the Allergy and Immunology Department at the Long Island College Hospital in Brooklyn, and is also on the faculty of the New York University School of Medicine, Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine and Otolaryngology at the State University of New York’s Health Sciences Center in Brooklyn.

The food allergy blogsphere was represented by myself, Allergic Girl, Gluten Free Girl, Allergy Moms, Kids with Food Allergies, Allergizer and the Zum Family.

Doctor Bassett provided answers to the food allergy blogging communities questions, including:

Q: What is the technical definition of anaphylaxis?

Q: The affects of the psychology of allergies?

Q: Food allergy testing resulting in a false negative. Why does that happen?

Q: The future of treatments?

Q: What is a biphasic reaction?

Q: Is there a relationship between genetically modified foods and food allergies?

These questions along with many more will be posted on RevolutionHealth in the coming days. I will post the link here as soon as I get it.

Posted by David at April 12, 2007 8:52 AM