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January 7, 2007

A Small town takes big steps in protecting kids with food allergies

I just read the article about a small town school system in MA that adopted a new policy, spelling out procedures for dealing with students who have severe food allergies. The school officials realize that food allergies can be life-threatening and will follow plans laid out in the policy.

Here are the highlihts of the policy:

School nurses will be responsible for forming individual health care plans for students that would include warning signs, types of allergen, emergency care and medications to be administered.

The nurses and parents or guardians must sign the individual health care plans, which will include documentation from physicians spelling out the medication needed.

Teachers, coaches and those running programs after school will be provided with copies of these plans.

Parents and guardians are responsible for obtaining orders for medications, such as epinephrine, and for any changes to a student's medical protocols.

For better identification, parents must provide three copies of photographs of the students to be distributed not only to the school but to bus drivers.

Parents and guardians must also supply these students with a medical alert bracelet or chain for identification.

Other precautions include requiring students with severe food allergies to sit in the front section on school buses and having teachers notify nurses at least two weeks in advance of any field trips so arrangements may be made.

This seems like a pretty good approach and something other parents can borrow when talking to their local school officials.

Posted by David at January 7, 2007 7:50 AM