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November 1, 2006

Back from Vacation with Food Allergies

Well, we're back from a week in Palm Springs... what a great time (except for the fires on the horizon, of course).

We went back to an old stand by for dinner, The Yard House. These folks serve great food at moderate prices and are absolutely attentive to child food allergies. (We knew this, that's why we always go back.)

The manager came to our table and explained how they manage food allergies. He said that all managers are required to work in the kitchen at some point so they understand the process. He asked us to tell our server about the allergies. The server marked our order as a food allergy and the kitchen staff is trained on how to prepare the meal.

Long story short, we had a great tasting, safe meal. The Yard House has locations all over the west coast and you can call your local location to talk to the manager about your particular food allergy situation.

Posted by David at November 1, 2006 4:54 PM


Thank you for sharing the great news about The Yard House. We visit out west often, and love learning about safe places to take our son.

Posted by: lori at November 1, 2006 7:28 PM

Always nice to *meet* another food allergy parent. My child is allergic to the top 8+ legumes + any meat except poultry, so we totally get the *hauling your own food, harassing waitstaff* concept.

Just wanted to share kidswithfoodallergies.org as a site for parent-to-parent support.

Posted by: Amy Hugon at November 8, 2006 8:01 AM