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September 23, 2006

What About Siblings Without Food Allergies?

We have four children. Two of them have life-threatening food allergies and we've know that since they were babies. Our other two have been free to eat any type of food we serve.

Somtimes, as a parent, I feel like maybe we are depriving the two without food allergies. Doughnuts at church? "No, they likely have eggs or nuts and your sisters cannot have them. So, it wouldn't be fair."

Now, I need to tell you that I have taken my non-food allergic kids to Krispy Kreme before. I admit its fun to see there faces light up at all the choices they have when they walk in. On the other hand, if we did that on a regular (or even semi-regular) basis, those two may look like the "average American" child and tip the scales more than kids should.

What we choose to do is to look for alternative foods that make everyone as happy as possible. Sometimes its homemade. Sometimes its a order from Cherry Brook Kitchen or another allergy friendly manufacturer. Sometime... get this... it's just fresh fruit with a small squirt of whipped cream on the side. I believe it has to do with the presentation - how much fun you have serving and they have eating it.

Posted by David at September 23, 2006 7:19 AM