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July 6, 2006

The Twinkie Denial Incident

According to this article, food will again be allowed in classrooms in Milford public schools.

Originally the Board told teachers there was to be no food at all in the classroom lesson plans. Simple enough. Now they are tweaking the rules a bit.

Teachers were looking for a simpler way of handing exceptions to the rule. The ideas were recommended by teachers and the school medical staff, once again allowing food in classroom activities (although still no birthday party foods allowed). The kids' parents must sign-off on the policy at the beginning of the school year. The new rules apply only through grade 7.

Then the article goes off on a tagent, just like the politicians...

A controversial change, to allow teachers to provide students with a snack if the child forgets to bring one, was also approved by a 4-2 vote. Committee members Jonathan Bruce, Jose Costa, Patrick Kennelly and William Kingkade Jr., voted to allow teachers to provide the snacks....

"Looking around this table, none of us is starving," Kingkade said on Thursday night. "For a 6-year-old, not to have something to eat, not to be able to share a classmate's Twinkie, it is heartbreaking and something they remember."

Go ahead, you can read that part again. And we wonder why children in the U.S. are so obese?

It reminds me of my own childhood Twinkie denial incident... I knew that there was so much nutrition in that delicious creamy center and with a shelf-life of seven years, how could I be so cruely denied? The scars run deep I tell you.

So, go grab your political representative by the love handles and tell 'em you really care.

Posted by David at July 6, 2006 3:33 PM