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June 6, 2006

Could I have a Food Allergy? Don't diagnose yourself.

We've met many people who, after hearing about our children's life threatening food allergies, say "Yeah, I am allergic to ____." Then of course we ask, "Well, do you carry an Epi-Pen?" And most respond, "What's that?" Oh my.

If you develop symptoms shortly after eating a specific food, you may have sensitivity or a full-blown food allergy. Some symptoms may include hives, swelled lips, and wheezing. In severe reactions, you may have low blood pressure and a swollen throat.

We advise never trying to deliberately cause a reaction by eating a food that you may be allergic to. Food introduction tests should only be done under the supervision of a qualified medical professional.

The food causing the allergy can be identified by:

> Food elimination diets.

> Skin tests by an allergist.

> A blood test to identify elevated antibody levels.

Again, seek the advice of a competent professional rather than self diagnosis.

Posted by David at June 6, 2006 1:46 PM