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May 15, 2006

New at home Food Allergy Test Kit Available

The latest advancement in the screening for food allergy, food intolerance and Celiac Disease is available through US-based Optimum Health Resource Laboratories. With an estimated 70-80% of the world's chronically ill population suffering from medical conditions either caused and/or aggravated by immune responses to foods, it is anticipated that for many these laboratory innovations will be the key to gaining optimal health.

"Our collection kits are a convenient, reliable and cost-effective method for an individual or medical professional to identify the hidden culprits behind many chronic ill-health conditions of unknown origin. Additionally, our collection kits can be administered in the comfort of one's home or at a doctor's office," says John Kernohan, Director of Optimum Health Resource Laboratories.

For food allergy and food intolerance, a unique collection kit is used by simply pricking the end of the finger to collect the tiny sample of blood required for testing. According to Charlotte Newbury, Optimum Health Resource Laboratories' Operations Manager, "The absorbent pad safely preserves the specimen until it reaches the laboratory, which is then tested against 96 foods. In addition to the results and a 48-page support program we produce for the patient, we also include 12 months of telephone and Internet support at no additional cost!"

"For Celiac Disease, our kit detects the antibodies associated with CD and gluten intolerance by displaying results within 10 minutes of collecting the blood - there is no need to send the specimen to the laboratory for analysis," states Kernohan.

For further information about Optimum Health Resource Laboratories and its kits for food allergy, food intolerance and Celiac Disease, visit http://www.optimumhealthresource.com or contact John Kernohan at (888) 751-3388 or info@optimumhealthresource.com.

source: GenEngNews.com

Posted by David at May 15, 2006 2:04 AM