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April 11, 2006

Daycare Rejects Peanut Allergic Boy in San Diego

Here in Southern California there was recently another case of illegal treatment of a food allergic child. Channel 10 in San Diego reported that the day care facility, "A Brighter Future", wrote a letter to parents of a peanut-allergic child that states that they do not accept children with peanut allergy because it can't guarantee their child's safety and gave the family 12 days to find another facility.

The preschool website states, "Your child is always treated as an individual and with dignity, understanding and care. Our talented and dedicated teachers are the most important element in our programs." In the school's promotional literature, they claim the school is a "peanut free zone". Both very interesting from an evironment that doesn't admit peanut allergic children.

Now remember, according to the ADA, peanut allergic children are entitled to equal treatment and cannot be excluded on the sole basis of having severe allergies to bee stings or certain foods. Based on the law, the parents are considering a lawsuit.

I don't know what good a lawsuit would do but I do know that writing about the questionable child care practices of "A Brighter Future" school should keep some families away.

And to show our disappointment with how they treat food allergic children, feel free to provide comments to the owner, Dr. Sandra A. Edwin, via their website.

Posted by David at April 11, 2006 7:21 PM