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March 8, 2006

Peanut Kiss Did Not Kill Quebec Girl

When a Quebec girl with peanut allergies died recently after kissing her boyfriend who had eaten a peanut butter snack many hours before, it was widely reported, including here on ChildFoodAllergy.com, that she died from anaphylactic shock. We have now learned that the coroner has determined that anaphylatic shock was not the cause. The 15 year old girl instead died from cerebral anoxia, coroner Michel Miron said.

He did not specify what caused the lack of oxygen but Miron said he was speaking out now to head off an allergy association from using the case as an example. "The Canadian Association of Food Allergies intended to use the Desforges case to launch an education campaign," he said. "I had to tell them the cause of death was different than first believed."

source: AP

Posted by David at March 8, 2006 8:43 AM


So, even though there may have been an overreaction in this case and the actual cause of death may not have been anaphylactic shock, couldn't it still have been related or a partial cause of death.

Obviously, I'm not a doctor, but the term "lack of oxygen" could be related to an anaphylaxis, couldn't it?

Posted by: Andrea Simanson at March 25, 2006 12:52 PM