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January 10, 2006

New Candian Law to Protect Children with Allergies

The Ottawa Sun published an article about the new Ontario law that went into effect this week. The law, known as Sabrina's law, was the result of a mother's effort to make sure her daughters death was not in vain. The law seems to take a prudent approach to handling the sensitive issue of kids at risk of anaphylactic shock due to child food allergy, bee stings, or other causes.

Highlights of Sabrina's Law:

- Every school board will establish and maintain an anaphylactic policy in accordance with the law.

- The policy will include strategies that reduce the risk of exposure to things that cause anaphylactic incidents in classrooms and common areas.

- A communication plan for the dissemination of information on life-threatening allergies to parents, pupils and employees.

- Regular training on dealing with life-threatening allergies for all employees and others who are in direct contact with pupils on a regular basis.

- A requirement that every principal develop an individual plan for each pupil who has an anaphylactic allergy

- Principals must ensure that, upon registration, parents, guardians and pupils will be asked to supply information on life-threatening allergies.

- Principals must maintain a file for each anaphylactic pupil and copies of any prescriptions and instructions from the pupil's physician or nurse and a current emergency contact list.

Posted by David at January 10, 2006 8:32 AM