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January 22, 2006

Great allergy free cake and cookie mixes!

Isn’t it frustrating trying to find easy-to-make desserts without eggs, milk, tree nuts, peanuts and/or wheat? Here’s much deserved kudos to an allergy friendly company! Cherrybrook Kitchen offers baking mixes just like the ones Betty Crocker and Pillsbury have. Their mixes are free of most allergens and SO EASY to make! Just add oil, water and vanilla and voila, “cookies, cakes and frostings that will have your family and friends with or without allergies asking for more!” You don’t even need to get out the heavy mixer, just a wire whisk does the trick. How much easier and more convenient can you get?! They are reasonably priced and if you check out their website, you can even print a coupon.

I make a batch of cupcakes and freeze them. When there is a birthday celebration in my daughter’s class, I just take one out of the freezer for her to bring to school. I frost and decorate the cupcakes differently (vanilla or chocolate frosting, with or without sprinkles) so she can choose which cupcake she wants. It helps her feel happier even though she can’t eat what the rest of the class is eating. I also do the same thing with their cookie mixes. The sugar cookies can be eaten plain, rolled in sugar or frosted and they all taste good. We sometimes even put a Hershey’s Kiss on top for a special treat.

I also need to say that these are by far the best wheat and egg free cakes, cupcakes and cookies that my family has ever tried! Yes, even my children without food allergies ask to have more of these treats. It makes my daughter with food allergies feel good that her sisters want “her” food for a change!

These mixes make baking so easy that I sometimes put a wheat, egg and nut free cake in the oven when we sit down for dinner and we have a great dessert that EVERYONE enjoys. I can’t say enough good things about this company. Their customer service department has always been helpful and their website makes ordering online quick and easy. I encourage you to check out cherrybrokkkitchen.com and see for yourself! I am always happy to pass on even just one thing to make our jobs as allergy-free chefs a little bit easier! : )

Posted by Ann Marie at January 22, 2006 2:23 PM