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November 16, 2005

Child Food Allergy Legislation

Check out the article about new Food Allergy Legislation in Calgary. The article says some parents of food allergic children are not sure legislation is necessary, but believe it helps with awareness.

The individual schools are responsible for how they protect the 12,000 children in the province who have allergies. The article also mentions similar legislation in Ontario is expected.

"Only through education and awareness and training can anaphylactic children truly be safe in schools," one parent is quoted. "A regulation or a guideline, in our opinion, never equals law. Law imposes new duties on school boards."

An allergy specialist, says legislation may not be needed because schools already have policies in place to protect children. He said segregating food in certain areas could also give allergic students a false sense of security.

At the elementary school they have trained all teachers how to use the EpiPen students need if they go into anaphylactic shock. Additionally, they wash the lunch tables with bleach each day, so that children with allergies have a truly clean surface on which to eat.

Posted by David at November 16, 2005 8:43 AM