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October 29, 2005

Yeah, my child has a food allergy too

Over the years, we been thankful for the people that we've met that have truly taken an interest in our children’s' food allergies. You know when someone not only "gets it" but also takes to heart the seriousness of a child food allergy. They are the people who show concern and ask how they can help - whether in the classroom, on the soccer field or perhaps at a play date.

Sometimes we run across parents who reply in a different fashion. "Yes, my son has peanut allergy too, every time he eats a cookie with a nut in it, he gets a rash." Really? Every time? (My best shot at electronic sarcasm.) We don't bother trying to explain that food sensitivity is not a food allergy or that if the child truly has a severe food allergy, they could be making it worse in the long term by not avoiding the allergens.

We even run into situations where a child has been to the Emergency Room several times a year for exposure to certain foods. I have to wonder where the parent's head is at in these situations. If you know your child has a life threatening food allergy, wouldn't you do everything in your power to keep them from eating it? E.R. visits are scary. Why put your child through that several times?

I may be missing something here. If you are a reader of this site, you know I am not of fan of over-the-top communication and protection of your child. I am a proponent of practical, prudent approaches to keeping children with a food allergy safe. Shouldn't a couple visits in the same year to the E.R. for anaphylaxis be a signal that you need to change things?

Make it a great day and let's keep 'em safe out there.

Posted by David at October 29, 2005 8:37 AM