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September 8, 2005

Fighting Food Allergies

I recently read this article on food allergies and thought the title was interesting, "Fighting Food Allergies". Made me want to pick up my sword and shield. Ahhhh!

The incidence of food allergies has grown exponentially in the past 30 years, and experts don't really know why.... What they fear is that while the number of people with food allergies continues to grow, so do the sources of places to get allergens - foods that will cause a reaction.

Less than the fighting connotation, it worries me that food allergies are growing "exponentially" and we don't know why. Genetic enginering of foods? More pre-prepared foods? A general breaking down of our immune systems? We've heard lots of possibilities and no real known cause in sight.

The article goes on to talk about prepared foods, hidden allergens, natural flavors and natural colors. We've been reading labels very closely now for about 8 years. We've seen a marked improvement in the labeling and have definitely developed an affinity for certain brands that we trust. We know mistakes can happen and as long as the manufacture contacts FAAN and gets the info out there ASAP, we're okay with that. The awareness is so much better than it was even just 8 years ago. Maybe information sources like this can make it that much better in another 8 years.

We hope so, that's why were doing this.

Posted by David at September 8, 2005 8:23 PM