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July 31, 2005

Welcome to the Food Allergy Parenting Blog

Welcome to the Child Food Allergy blog - a place where parenting children with food allergies is the topic of discussion. The purpose of this blog is to create an intelligent conversation (using real life experiences) about the special parenting challenges that food allergies present.

Our first child was diagnosed with food allergies over 8 years ago when we discoved she had an infant food allergy, specifically peanut allergy. Since then we discovered our 3rd child also has severe food allergies. In our experience, there are plenty of medical resources (most importantly, your family allergist) on the subject of food allergies. However, when it came to parenting tips, the resources were far and few between.

We have since found ourselves being called on in church settings, pre-school, elementary school, and other community events to provide parenting tips on the topic of managing our child's food allergy. Whether you are dealing with a baby food allergy, food allergy testing, looking for food allergy recipes, or trying to find more on food allergy symptoms, the parent perspective can provide you the additional support you need - informational or emotional.

Please note, we are NOT doctors and this site will not provide medical advice. If you are looking for medical advice having to do with diagnosing a food allergy, please talk to your doctor. You may also want to visit the Food Allergy Network for other medical resources.

We hope to create a valuable resource for food allergy parents and create a community where we parents can share thoughts on how we've managed our particular food allergy situations.

Ann Marie and David

Posted by David at July 31, 2005 11:07 PM


I think this is a great site. My son who is 3 has allergens to dog/cat dander, dust, pollen, peanut, timothy grass, and red oak tress. That is all we know so far we haven't completed the skin test yet. I hate that anyone is limited to things they can eat or be around. I am vey worried for my little one to start preschool next year. I am currently trying to find a preschool that will post the childs picture with their allergy. Although my son is very smart I feel that I can not let my guard down around everyone we come in contact with for fear of him getting ahold of a peanut. I am in hopes that some of the allergies we have will be outgrown. We also have eczema as well which makes things worse. Thanks for letting me share if you can hand over some advice that would be cool.

Posted by: Amanda at September 12, 2005 11:00 AM